The source of my goat milk soaps!

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Left to right below: Amaretto, Wild Thing, Whiskey & Amaretto again. Amaretto is "due" April 2...we'll see what she has to say about that ; ).

I didn't plan on breeding Wild Thing & Whiskey so I put them in a separate pen. I came home from the Pumpkin Festival at 9p.m. to find Whiskey had broken out of the pen (how????) and was in with the buck and other does. Wild Thing was freaking out because she was alone so I put her in with all the others. I don't think Whiskey was in heat but didn't want to be separated from the herd...

YEP! you guessed it; 2 more UNKNOWN due dates...REALLY?! They are a year younger than the other does so they are still growing A LOT, so they aren't looking preggo at ALL. BUT they are starting to get an udder so that's a good sign they were bred.

I have a feeling it's going to be a VERY LONG week or two with all of them kidding close together. As long as none of them go at the same time I'm OK with losing sleep : ).

Two years ago I had two go at the same time; it was 0 dark 30 a.m. and one rejected her 2nd kid, and the other needed her kids pulled. She had 4 all tangled up... screaming baby on the ground, screaming goat cuz I'm pulling kid~ I was so tired I was crying too- lol

  Amaretto and Wild Thing   Whiskey and Amaretto


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