Who we are~ Shipping & Return Policy

Addicted to creating products For the Love of Soft Skin. Life is better when you are friends with your skin!

Goat Milk Soap, Goat Milk Lotions, AZ Anti Lizard Skin Cream & more.

Hi! I'm Korie, I like doing things that make me smile. I LOVE doing things that make others smile even more!!! What started out as a hobby to help pay for the feed and care of the goats, has turned into a full blown business.

Every step has been a baby step that takes me closer to telling my hubby "I got it; you relax"- lol :) He's always taken care of me & the kids. He deserves to be taken care of too :)!!! Besides working together would be AMAZING!!!


  Shipping is done through USPS. Most orders fit in Regional Rate A boxes, Medium & Large flat rate are available. There are no handling fees. We live in an area where the post office does not deliver to the house; so orders are taken to the post office within 2 business days.

  Returns: I can't except returns for hygienic reasons. If you do have an concern or issue PLEASE contact me and we'll get it figured out : ).

Email: Korie@polkagoatfarm.com
Call/text Korie @ 928-458-9389

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