Quart Jar of Arizona Anti Lizard Skin Cream aka Fluffy Stuff

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 My coconut oil is melting by the air conditioner. That means Fluffs will ship on Tues to prevent melting (I hope) during shipping. It feels like I just posted winter shipping-lol.

Do you REALLY like your fluffy stuff? Need a bigger jar? Then here ya go :D! The quart jar holds a pound of fluffy stuff.

Add a note with the scent you'd like. 1 jar fits into a Regional Rate A box through the post office.

Cucumber Melon    Lemon Drop   Vanilla Chai    Ginger Peach   Lavender   Monkey Farts (Fruit Stripe/Zebra Gum)   Lion Burps (Black Raspberry Vanilla)   Honey Almond   Tea Tree Oil   Cherry Blossom   Bay Rum   Eucalyptus Mint   Orange Clove  

More to come soon