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I've been posting more often on my Polka Goat Farm LLC Facebook page. Time to share here too! Some will be PGF products & general updates, some will be things that make me smile. This one makes me smile.

I got a small green house ! We decided a couple bales of straw would be good for heat in the winter & a little extra weight on the frame. I'll have straw in the Jeep for years 🤣.
The bottom is anchored well so the poles in the top of frame fell out with the first good monsoon wind 😕 ok we can fix that. What we did NOT expect was how fast we would over heat?! It took 45 mins only about 25 mins in the greenhouse its self. 95 outside at 1pm was wwaaayy to hot inside. We were well hydrated but still got heat exhaustion 😳. Scott slept for 3 hours while I was sick for 3 hours until I got an ice pack. Anyone who knows me knows and ice pack on my feet could get you kicked. It felt GREAT so I put it on my knee pits and elbow pits and I realized how over heated I was cuz I felt better almost instantly and got to rest a little. Holy poopies Batman pay attention to your body.


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