Mini Soaping Day~ FINALLY :D!

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I haven't soaped since MAY?! Moving SUCKS! I doesn't help that I did NOT move out of the studio in an organized manner. It was a fill the boxes and I'll find stuff when I unpack- lol. Then I rabbit trailed between house need to do stuff & work need to do stuff.

And our son brought us a dog that needs a long term foster home, to many dogs where he's living. How do you say no when he calls him our Grand Dogger?! Kids! His name is Lucky, we call him NotSo because he's Not So Lucky. NotSo is a people dog so he's learning to be a dog liking dog. We have Rascal so NotSo really doesn't have a choice ;).

Hubby hung my new LED shop lights from Costco yesterday. We couldn't stop looking at how much brighter the kitchen is. I love them!

Last Thursday I finally made soap~ YAY! It's been so long it kinda felt like the first time again. Between it being so long and a new work space it took some time figuring out the best layout so after the pour the molds don't have to be moved right away. They had a couple hours to start hardening AND I still had my kitchen island AND I still had more work space~ I'm falling in love with soaping all over again :D! I made Honey soaps half with oats half without. No color or scent. I got to use my new molds~ more YAYNESS :D! I made 15 bee hives, 1 goat mold, 1, 5 pound loaf & 1, 1 pound loaf. I used Prescott Wildflower Honey from The Honeyman's. It's a lot lighter than I expected we'll see if darkens as it cures.

Off to make more soaps! Peppermint, 2- Lavender, 2-Prescott Pine, * Sweet Corn-new for the Corn Fest* & *Peppered Orange Caramel-new*. Out of bottle the new ones don't smell anything like their name so it'll be a surprise.

Have a VOONDABAR day :D!



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