Lonesome Valley Brewery Beer Soap & Lip Balm

Posted by Korie Boyes on

I've been working with Lonesome Valley Brewery creating great beer based products. I made a Glassford Hill Ale & a Power Jam Porter goat milk soap. I also made a Power Jam lip balm. To make the lip balm I had to boil the alcohol out of the beer first so it's lightly flavored without the alcohol. I'm really happy with how everything turned out :). I just wish my PGF microwave had survived as nicely. I didn't have all the alcohol boiled off so after 7 seconds into a 30 second warm up before pouring POOF~ it exploded ALL OVER...ugh...to clean it up or throw it away is the question- lol.

I did a warm oil infusion of the hops for lip balm & soap. I was kinda surprised that the hops turned out almost toasted. I hope it makes it easier to grind them up for the soap. I've read that they can be to scratchy on the skin if they aren't ground up enough. So much fun working with new ideas :D!


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