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Wednesday around 3p.m.I had just finished the Prescott Pine soap. I got a call from Sandy Moss asking if I'd like to be on Sandy and Friends Thursday at 9. WHO? HUH? WHAT? WHEN? ME??? My brain was screaming NNNOOOOO but my gut said YES! After I got off the phone I was in shock...wwhhhaaat did I just agree to do tomorrow at 9a.m.?!?!

YEP, I said yes! No, I didn't back out ;) lol. Doing something like this would not be on my bucket list. My blood pressure & heart rate were so HIGH I almost passed out when I looked down to unmold the soap...lack of food didn't help much either- lol.

I was able to set up early and hang out and meet the crew and that was the best thing I could of done. I felt SO welcomed they are a fun group and it "calmed" me down a bit ;).

It was like a roller coaster terrifying and fun at the same time. I am so glad I did it :D! Sandy was absolutely AMAZING, it was like I had known her forever.

I wanna do it again & that says it all :D!

I tried to upload the video to this blog but it says 3hrs to upload. It's on my Facebook page Polka Goat Farm you can check it out there.




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