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  I have to start out with an apology. When I tried to send out a nice and pretty newsletter this morning and the format I picked kept telling me it had an error. Instead of walking away I picked a different layout and it was it just the wrong choice :(. I'm sorry. This is the newsletter I wanted to send.

Hello my soap & skin repair/fluffy stuff lovin' friends :)!
 I've noticed that my website is only giving the 2/$10 discount ONCE. I'm going to be fixing that!

 There will be a wholesale discount if you want 12 or more soaps, skin repairs or mani pedi bars you will get the wholesale pricing of 12/$30~ YAY!

 I'm making fluffy stuff today so I can add these scents to the website and do the coupon codes at one time this weekend.

Fluffs made yesterday & today:
Honey Almond
Secret Wonderland
Twilight sprinkle with or without glitter
Cucumber Melon
Ginger Peach
Vanilla Chai
Lion Burps
Monkey Farts
Strawberries & Champagne
Lemon Drop
and anything else I can get done ;)
... that's a lot of making & labeling so enough rambling & off to work :)
Have a GREAT Day
:) Korie

These are the jars I filled yesterday & today. It's enough to do tiny restock so I'll be doing this again next week :).


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