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I officially have a Soap Studio!

Soap studio inside Armadilla Wax WorksI'm renting space in the Armadilla Wax Works Candle Factory. It's in Prescott Valley at the end of Lorna Lane. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time : )! I want to thank all my Amazing supporters~ Thank you! <3 More pictures coming soon!

I've been pretty vocal about moving out of the kitchen to a soap studio & not making it work. It's not like I can't go back to the kitchen I just don't want to.

My husband looked at me and said I can make that go away. Soap studio inside Armadilla Wax Works
I asked, "how"???
He said, all I have to do is tell you, you can't. How did that work for the lady who said you couldn't teach yourself how to make soap especially goat milk soap?!
I looked at him said, "cool, tell me I can't?! PLEASE!"
He just looked at me and said... I don't have to.
Life is good with support like his <3!!!

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  • I love everything polka goat! I have tried, several soaps including the alpaca soap. Absolutely genius, it’s like a very soft wash cloth around your soap bar. It has a very mild exfoliating quality and is nice and hydrating. It would be great to clean up kids too. Then the 40% shea butter soap. This is like soap with the moisture of a good lotion. My skin has never been so soft after the shower. Now lip balm! Yummy for your lips,the oils are moisturizing not waxy. I put it on at bed time and use it under and over lip stick. The solid cream for heels and elbows is a real work horse, smooth heels in 3 days. No, I am not a relative of friend just a customer in Phoenix that can’t get enough polka goat. Hold on the lotion in great too not greasy. The fluffy stuff in the jar is beyond description, Amazing you have to try it!

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