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Goat Milk Soaps

We're all about natural, hand-crafted soaps.

We use only the best ingredients, such as lanolin, shea butter, and natural scents and flavors. Our goat milk comes from the local breeder where I got my goats. Which is how this all started! LOL

From lavender scents and swirls for the girls to dirt scented Gold Panning soaps for the manly hunters, to unscented raw goat milk soaps if you have allergies....we have it all. If it's not in stock, we'll custom make your order. Our soaps come in all shapes and sizes, colorful swirls, and loaves. We have bars, cupcakes, loaves, ginger bread men, pumpkin pie soaps, and oh so much more.

We're just crazy about colors, flavors and shapes!

All our soaps are made with Gluten Free, natural oils and scents. They are paraben and phthalate free as well. For coloring the soaps, we use oxides, cocoa powder & micas. They are all skin safe and approved for soap use. Lip balms are flavored with lip approved flavorings.