Arizona Anti Lizard Skin Cream *aka FLUFFY STUFF *

Arizona Anti Lizard Skin Cream *aka FLUFFY STUFF *

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We're coming up on Fluffy Stuff's melting season. That means shipping on M-T-W. I suggest priority mail to make sure it gets to you A.S.A.P. Please don't allow your mail carrier to leave it outside it could melt and that would be sad :(.

Yes, the Dry Skin Repair name has changed. Why? Because "Repair" is a medical claim and could cause legal issues. >.< ugh!

Live in Arizona and NOT have lizard skin?! Yep, it is possible :)!

MADE TO ORDER so just because it's not listed doesn't mean you can't get it ;)

This fluffy cream works wonders on dry skin, adding softness to combat the dry Arizona weather. Works especially well with Solid Lotion Bars.

MOST soaps have a matching Fluffy Stuff & Solid Lotion Bar. If your choice isn't listed feel free to message me.

I have a slight fragrance addiction so NO not all the choices are listed...yet. Some will be come seasonal or Special/Bulk order options.