Muscle Rub~Compares to Tiger Balm

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I love this muscle rub! I'm on my feet for 10hrs a day but I don't do a lot of walking. I have PGF production set up so everything is close. So it feels like I re-walk the same 10 steps a bazillion times a day & I lock my knees when I stand >.< ouch. I use it on my varicose veins, the arches of my feet & my shoulders. Hubby hates the smell~it will clear out your sinuses. I wash my hands with coffee soap after I'm done to help pull the smell off my hands. DO NOT rub your eyes or other sensitive skin until your hands are nice & clean ; ).

*It has camphor oil do not use if pregnant*

    1oz a little bit goes a long way.

Ing: The Honeyman's Beeswax,
Menthol Crystals,
*Camphor Essential Oil*, Cassia
Essential Oil & Coconut Oil